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Indonesian Women & their Textiles

by Danielle Surkatty, Annamarie Van Luenen, Anne Stoothoff, Omar Surkatty and Sorayah Surkatty

April 2004

Danielle lived in Indonesia for almost 17 years, raising her children there before returning to he hometown of Yakima in 2002. During her many years in Indonesia she enjoyed learning about the diverse Indonesian textile traditions. She draped the Robertson Room at the Capitol Theatre with beautiful Indonesian textiles and shared her knowledge of the steps by which batik is made with the attendees. Two of Danielle's children, Omar and Sorayah, came in traditional Indonesian dress and shared their experiences growing up in the archipelago nation. Danielle displayed many of the spices that Indonesia is famous for, enabling guests to smell the famed spice islands for themselves!

Annamarie Van Luenen was born and raised in Indonesia in the period before Indonesia's independence. She shared her many culinary talents with members and guests who sampled a wide range of Indonesian foods prepared by Annamarie!

Anne Stoothoff also dressed in traditional Indonesian dress and shared baskets and other handicrafts she collected during her stay on the Indonesian island of Borneo, in the Kalimantan province.

Annemarie and Sorayah

Sorayah and Omar Surkatty

Textiles were draped all around the room

Display of Indonesian spices

A map of the Indonesian archipelago made from batik

Batik cloth

Anne Stoothoff shares Kalimantan baskets and handicrafts

Sorayah shares information on Indonesian food and spices

Balinese statue

Omar explains a West Java puppet "wayang golek"

Anne, Sorayah, Omar, Danielle and Danielle's mother Lois Chappel (seated)

guests learn about Indonesian spices