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The Importance of Genetics and Family History

by Mercy Y. Laurino - Genetic Counselor, Adult Medical Genetics
Pediatric Neurogenetics Clinic Coordinator University of Washington

September 2008

The Genetic Counseling talk with Mercy Laurino was an eye opener on how health care differs internationally from the US. I-WAY members, and their guests, enjoyed the evening and went overtime due to avid audience participation. Food and wine were brought by members and was fantastic, as always. The following were pictures taken from that wonderful evening.

Past presidents honored x
Past Presidents Bonnie Eglin and Ivonne Petzinger were honored for their service to the club. Mercy's presentation on the field of Genetics Counseling was of great interest to the members
x x
Dr Kim, Gladys Ovesen and her husband Pat and Emma's husband Ken
Emma’s guests: Ursula Weiss, Teri Chacon, Didi Cabusao
x x
Mary Layman, Willy Ibrahim Ilona McCormick, Vicky Kim, and Techie Strew
x x
Sandy Nyberg and her husband Ted hosted a German speaking guest L to R Marian - Ygona Laurino, Mercy Laurino., Michiko Hubert, Yoshiko Komura