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"Velkommen til Danmark"

March 2010

Held on March 10th - at the Yakima Arboretum

Our Danish members divided the presentation into four parts. Lisbeth spoke of The Danish Welfare system that is unique to Denmark and Scandinavia.  Ulla spoke about the Danish Church, Beatrice about the old Danish monarchy, and some Danish traditions, and Inga about Immigrant versus Emigrant.

Denmark: The Happiest Place on Earth

Danish Recipes from food served at the “Velkommen til Danmark” program


Presentations were given by our Danish members:
Lisbeth Kaplan (pictured above), Inga Wiehl, Beatrice Reiss, and Ulla Whitmont

From left to right Michelle Besso (USA), Senuit Alengus (Eritrea), Marisol Summers (Mexico), Lynn Hennessy (USA), Janet Warner (USA), Jeanne Rothenbuler (USA, Croatia)

Michiko Hubert (Japan)