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Colombia, Gateway to South America

by Gladys Ovesen, Maria Teresa Sonen, Gloria Gomez & Patricia De La Cuadra at Capitol Theatre

November 2004

With this program we wanted to share the things people don't usually hear about Colombia. Through the regular news, we know about the political problems and all the negative things that happen in Colombia. With this presentation, we wanted to show that Colombia has every type of climate, every type of landscape, every type of custom, and every type of charm. The flora and fauna are amazing! We have two oceans (Atlantic and Pacific) and three mountain ranges that cross the country from south to north. Colombia is a country full of cities in which you inhale the metropolitan charm and the human warmth of each region. Because we do not have seasons we grow flowers, fruit, and vegetables that are not known in other countries.

Every country has its own beauty, we were glad we were able to share with I-WAY members about the beauty of Colombia!

Maria Teresa Sonen, wearing the typical dress from the north
coast and use to dance the cumbia; Patricia De La Cuadra, dressed with a
"manta guajira" typical dress for the northern part o Colombia; Gladys Ovesen dressed as a "campesina" farmer from the high altitudes in the center of the country (Cundinamarca & Boyacá) & Diana Aboulhosn, president of I-Way in 2004.

Maria Teresa Sonen and her husband Jon, dancing one of the most popular dances in Colombia: The Cumbia

Some of the ladies dancing the cumbia

Patricia, Gladys and Kristi, enjoying the program

Gladys, Jon, Maria Teresa, Gloria, and Patricia

Gloria (Colombia) Laura (Argentina), Vicky (Ecuador), Maria (Brazil), Kristy (Germany) & Diane (Venezuela)

Gladys and her husband Pat

Patricia, offering "sabajón" a typical beverage in Colombia

Gladys proud of her Colombian coffee posters!

Maria Teresa and Gloria making "Sabajón"

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