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Spotlight Nation - Italy

This month's Spotlight Country is Italy. Kristal's friend Manuella has sent us a few photos of where she lives in North Italiy in Parma. See the slide show, recipes and a link to a short video about Italy. Happy Virtual Explorations! 

Pictures from Parma
Love from Italy to the USA

Italian Wedding Soup
Torta de Mele

You Tube Video
10 Best Places to Visit in Italy





Unless otherwise indicated, IWAY events will be held the second Thursday of every month, except for January and June, July and August, at the Yakima Area Arboretum, 6:00-8:00 pm.

I-Way Tea Guests

Previous IWAY Programs and Events

March 2020 Glorious Bangladesh
February 2020 Presenting Cameroon
November 2019 I Danmark Hygger Vi Os - Denmark Program
October 2019 Peruvian Gastronomy
September 2019 “Ichna Nawa” Yakama Swan Dancers
April 2019 Perennial Romania
February 2019 Mi Buenos Aires Querido
December 2018 Holiday Celebration
November 2018 Understanding the Media in Today's Time
October 2018 Brazilian California
September 2018 The Growing Wealth Gap: Fake News or a Reality We Need to Face and Fix?
June 2018 Sweet 16 Celebration
April 2018 5000 Years of Korean Peninsula with Eunsil Kim
March 2018 Moving Humanities Forward with Nomita Methe
February 2018 Introduction to China and my personal life with Iris Gai Xu
January 2018 What is DACA with Rocio Carrion
December 2017 Holiday Celebration
November 2017 Celebrating Canada's 150 Years
October 2017 Oktoberfest in Yakima
September 2017 An Evening of Egyptian Classical and Folkloric dance with your significant other
June 2017 Field Trip to the Haas Beer Garden
May 2017 Inside the Opened Door: Cuba
April 2017 Belize, Land of the Free by the Carib Sea!
March 2017 From Ecuador to Yakima
February 2017 Hungary
December 2016 Holiday Celebration
November 2016 Palestinian Roots and Culture
October 2016 From the UK to the US: The Science of Breeding Tasty New Apples
September 2016 Welcome Tea Time
June 2016 Tales of Immigration
May 2016 Durian and Chili Crab:  a Singapore Adventure
April 2016 Growing Up in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon
March 2016 Greenland
February 2016 Norway: The Early Immigration Experience
November 2015 Day of the Death Celebration in Mexico
October 2015 HAITI:   Volunteering in a Rural Hospital
September 2015 End of Summer event
June 2015 I-WAY and All That Jazz (Live Music)
May 2015 Austria: Ostarrichi, Past and Present
April 2015 Burma/Myanmar: Adventure in Burma
March 2015 ZAMBIA: Living and working in rural Zambia
February 2015 Spain: The Secret of Enjoying Life
December 2014 Holiday Cheer
November 2014 Romania: Simplicity in a Crowded World
October 2014 Tales of Emigration
September 2014 Hawaiian Bash
June 2014 Peruvian Night
May 2014 Sudan & Eritrea: A Cultural Glimpse
April 2014 Australia
March 2014 My Playground was an English Castle
February 2014 A Glimpse of Japan
December 2013 Around the Word Celebration
November 2013 Ecuador Festivities
October 2013 Immigration and the Cultural History of the Yakima Valley
September 2013

Welcome Back Fiesta

May 2013 Nepal
April 2013 Argentina
March 2013 The Netherlands-Indonesia Connection
February 2013

Cross Cultural New Zealand

December 2012 Holiday Traditions
November 2012 Harvest Celebrations at the Yakama Nation
October 2012 East Germany - Then and Now
September 2012 I-WAY late Summer Mixer
June 2012 "Diversity Brings Us Together" - Spring Fashion Show & 10th Anniversary Celebration
May 2012 Puerto Rico
April 2012 Azerbaijan? Where is it?
March 2012 St. Patrick's Day - celebrating Irish culture
February 2012 Sharing Romantic Music from our Countries
December 2011 Sharing Holiday Traditions
November 2011 Unity in Diversity in India
October 2011 Eating Local in the Yakima Valley
September 2011

Wine and Hors d'oeuvres in an Ambiance of International Music

August 2011

Special I-WAY Program - Japan Earthquake-Tsunami: The Experience of Two Women - learn more

June 2011 June Program - "Wear Your Best Hat Garden Party"
April 2011 Venezuelan program
March 2011 "Are we emigrants or immigrants?" by IWAY member and Yakima Book author Inga Wiehl see photos
February 2011 A romantic evening with Lawrence Golan, the new Music Director and Conductor of the Yakima Symphony Orchestra
January 2011 "Dutch Treat"
December 2010 "Sharing Holiday Traditions"
November 2010 International Thanksgiving with Yakama Native Americans
October 2010 Celebrating Independence from Spain - various countries
September 2010 Welcome Back! September Program at Wildridge Winery - Naches Heights more info
June 2010 Fashion show at Pat DeAtley's view Picasa Slide Show
April 2010 Gardening with AnneMarie - Perennial Gardening more info
March 2010 "Velkommen til Danmark" more info
February 2010 Sweethearts Stories and Traditions

January 2010

Filipino Immigration to and Culture in the Yakima Valley more info
December 2009 Sharing All Holiday Traditions at Essencia
November 2009 European Harvest Dinner featuring dishes from Hungary
October 2009 Day of the Dead / El Día de los Muertos or All Souls' Day, Aurora Pena Torres spoke about the history and traditions of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.
September 2009

Speaker Susan Robinson talked about health care and medical insurance reform concerns and guests enjoyed a Mexican potluck.

June 2009 6th Annual Spring Fashion Show at Pat DeAtley's home featuring fashions from Gretchen more info
April 2009

British-style Afternoon Tea at Maureen Dhruva's home

March 2009 Presentation by two Afghan students at YVCC on life as a woman in Afghanistan.
February 2009 Dominican Republic by Aura Gamache
December 2008 German Christmas Traditions by Inez Hanrahan more info
November 2008 International Food and Wine Tasting
October 2008 Welcome to New Members and Website Presentation
September 2008 Mercy Y. Laurino - Genetic Counselor, Adult Medical Genetics
Pediatric Neurogenetics Clinic Coordinator University of Washington more info
May 2008 Garden Party / Fashion Show / Afternoon Gathering at Pat Deatley's more info
April 2008 "Costa Rica Perfecto" by Silvia Coto more info
March 2008 "Costume Safari by Sally Fitch" at the Capitol Theater
February 2008 "Celebrate February in the 70s" at the Capitol Theatre
December 2007 "Holiday Potluck Social" at the Capitol Theater
October 2007 "German Environment Oktoberfest" at the Capitol Theater
September 2007 "From Asia to America: A Radio Announcer's Tales of Transition" Gillian Coldsnow
June 2007 "Fanciful, Freestyle, Fun Hats Tea Party" at Kristi Russi's home
April 2007 "Here & There - Cultural Differences" at the Capitol Theater
March 2007 "Spend One Night in Brazil" by Maria Toop & Ivone Petzinger at the Capitol Theater
February 2007 "Valentine Friendship Open House" at Essencia
December 2006 "Social Gathering" at the Capitol Theaer
November 2006 "Reaching Latinos Through the Power of Literature" by Jane Schwab at Daniel DeSiga's
October 2006 "Germany Today" by Linda Olson at the Capitol Theater
September 2006 "Outdoor Gathering, Wine Tasting & Potluck" at Piety Flats Winery
June 2006 "Afternoon Gathering & Fashion Show" at Pat DeAtley's
May 2006 "Celebration of Mother's Day in Mexico" by Aurora Pena-Torres at the Capitol Theater
March 2006 "Cultural Trip to Southern Africa" by Helge Mercker at the Capitol Theater
February 2006 "Coming to America" at Capitol Theatre
December 2005 "Social Gathering" at the Capitol Theater
November 2005 "Access to Health Care" at the Capitol Theater
October 2005 "Saudi Arabia" by Debbie Douglas at the Capitol Theater
September 2005 "Outdoor Gathering, Wine Tasting & Potluck" at Piety Flats Winery
May 2005 "Fashion Show" at Pat DeAtley's home
April 2005 "Israel the Holy Land" by Adi Braeman at the Capitol Theater
March 2005 "Namaste to India" by Sonian Sharma at the Capitol Theater
February 2005 "Courtship & Wedding Traditions Around the World Luncheon" at the Capitol Theater
December 2004 "Holiday Social Gathering" at the Capitol Theater
November 2004 "Colombia, Gateway to South America" by Gladys Ovesen, Maria Teresa Sonen, Gloria Gomez & Patricia De La Cuadra at Capitol Theatre more info
October 2004 "Argentine Night" with Laura Trivisonno at the Capitol Theater
September 2004 "Wine Tasting & Potluck" with Kristi Russi at Piety Flats Winery
May 2004 "Fashion Show" at Pat DeAtley's home
April 2004 "Indonesian Women & their Textiles" by Danielle Surkatty at the Capitol Theater more info
March 2004 "Welcome to Lebanon" by Diana Aboulhosn at the Capitol Theater
February 2004 "Valentine's Social Gathering" at the Capitol Theater
December 2003 "Holiday Social Gathering" at the Capitol Theater
November 2003 "A Brief Review of Racism Theories & Practices in the Philippines Context" by Jane Schwab
October 2003 "Yakima's Sister City in Mexico" by Mary Skinner-lunch at the Capitol Theater
May 2003 "Mother/Daughter Tea and Fashion Show" at Pat DeAtley's home
April 2003 "What I Learned from the Women of Haiti" by Linda Markee at Tennis Club
January 2003 "Salad Luncheon - Life in Pakistan Today" at Allied Arts more info
December 2002 "International Potluck" at Arboretum
October 2002 "Buzz" at Country Club
September 2002 "Celebration of America" at Arboretum
May 2002 First Meeting at DeAtley's home